You Have to Hear Laura Mvula’s Debut Album

This week marked the physical U.S. release of Sing to the Moon, the debut LP by British singer Laura Mvula. First of all, I have a bit of a personal attachment to this album. It was recommended to me by a friend several months ago, at which point I’d never heard of it; then, when I was interviewing for my awesome new job, one of my interviewers threw out Mvula’s name in an attempt to stump me. I’ve been told that being conversant in Mvula’s music helped give me the edge. So: thanks Roman, and thanks Laura Mvula!

All that aside, this is just an absolutely awesome album. It’s one of the few debut albums I’ve ever listened to that just stopped me in my tracks on my very first listen. Mvula is classically trained, and it shows; this is far more complex than your average British soul-pop. Mvula’s sense of texture is stunning, adding layer upon layer of baroque Brian Wilson arrangements atop her already hummable melodies. The video above is for the single “That’s Alright,” but the entire album slays me. I highly, highly recommend it.

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