Wanna Watch a Teaser Trailer for a Movie Rated R for Sheer Scariness?

The Conjuring is the latest spookfest from writer/director James Wan, the evil genius behind two movies that have scared me more than anything else over the last decade: Saw and Insidious. And while Wan wanted his latest film to prove to Warner Bros. that he could deliver a scary PG-13 movie, that goal was shot down when the MPAA slapped it with an R-rating. Why? “When we asked them why they basically said, ‘It’s just so scary. [There are] no specific scenes or tone you could take out to get it PG-13,'” executive producer Walter Hamada told Hitfix. And based on the teaser trailer above, I can kinda understand what they’re talking about. In addition to having the potential to scare the shit into all of our pants, The Conjuring also has a great cast: Lili Taylor (seen in the teaser), Vera Farmiga, and Patrick Wilson, who definitely understands horror after filming that topless ping-pong scene with Lena Dunham (I kid, I kid). Click here to watch the full trailer, but the teaser above is scarier.

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