The Binge Movie Podcast: The Danish Girl | The Big Short | Youth

This week on The Binge Movie Podcast, we focus on a movie starring an Oscar-winning actor taking on a different gender expression by embracing exaggerated femininity, over-the-top glamour, and crazed facial expressions. I’m referring, of course, to Jane Fonda in Youth.… Continue Reading

The Binge Podcast: Macbeth | Janis: Little Girl Blue | James White

In this week’s episode of The Binge Movie Podcast, we discuss three films about immensely flawed protagonists overwhelmed by responsibility, consequence, and sweaty hair: Macbeth | cast: Michael Fassbender, Marion Cotillard, David Thewlis, Elizabeth Debicki, Paddy Considine | screenplay: Jacob Koskoff,… Continue Reading

Cate Blanchett is an SF Woman on the Verge in Woody Allen’s “Blue Jasmine” Trailer

First of all: yes, I’m finally posting this. In what I’m sure was a deliberate attempt to provoke me, Sony Pictures Classics released this much-anticipated trailer while I was in unplugged mode visiting my new nephew back in PA, so… Continue Reading

Prepare to Relive One of the Bay Area’s Ugliest Chapters in “Fruitvale Station” (Trailer)

Trailers for some of this year’s prestige films have gradually been making the rounds over the last week, and certainly one of the most buzzed-about titles is Sundance grand prizewinner Fruitvale Station (apologies for the French subtitles, this is an international… Continue Reading

Backup Singers Get the Spotlight in Awesome Doc “Twenty Feet from Stardom” (Trailer)

Twenty Feet from Stardom is one of the most superbly entertaining music documentaries I’ve seen. Directed by Morgan Neville, it is the oral history of backup singers in pop music, particularly the African-American women who gradually rose to prominence in… Continue Reading