Watch Jewel Perform as June Carter Cash in a Lifetime Movie

Apparently it’s actors playing singers day on The Binge, except in this case it’s more of a singer playing an actor playing a singer…who is also trying to act, I guess? Anyway, that airbrushed American Doll in the above image is actually intended to be a promotional photo of Jewel as June Carter Cash in an upcoming Lifetime movie called Ring of Fire. Apparently Jewel has decided to get back into acting – yes, back into acting; lest we forget, Ms. Kilcher was directed by none other than two-time Best Director Oscar winner Ang Lee in the Criterion-minted Civil War drama Ride with the Devil. And now she’s headlining a Lifetime biopic, which has gone really well for everyone who has ever done it is a terrible idea that would destroy her acting career if she actually had one. But she doesn’t, so what the hell?

Get your first glimpse of Jewel playing June below. She’s actually kinda fun in the clip, and you can’t fault her for the hokey setup. Obviously her singing will be the main attraction, just as Lindsay Lohan’s weirdly stunted breathing stole the show in Liz & Dick. And hey, this is a role that managed to earn fucking Reese Witherspoon a Best Actress Oscar, so anything is possible.

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