The Binge Interview: Dana Fox on “How to Be Single,” Rom-Com Sexism, and Voting with Your Dollars

Boasting such screenplay credits as The Wedding Date, What Happens in Vegas, and Couples Retreat (which she also produced), Dana Fox is among the reigning behind-the-scenes studio comedy queens. Whereas many female filmmakers understandably go the independent cinema route to bypass Hollywood’s entrenched sexism, the… Continue Reading

Yes, Sally Field Has Seen Amy Schumer’s “Last Fuckable Day”

“‘Last Fuckable Day.’ Go ahead and say it!” If you’re planning on asking Sally Field about her shoutout in last year’s milestone Inside Amy Schumer sketch “Last Fuckable Day,” it’s best to be direct about it. While that clip may be ancient history… Continue Reading

The Binge Podcast: Julianne Moore/Ellen Page Interview + Reviews

So hey, I’m starting a podcast! Despite being comically late to the party on this medium—and not being a podcast listener myself—I decided to take on this new adventure when my dear friend and fellow Ohio transplant Rebecca Olarte pitched me on it, with… Continue Reading

The Binge Interview: Jamie Babbit and Karey Dornetto on “Addicted to Fresno,” Dildo Fights, and Natasha Lyonne’s Hair

It’s been 16 years since actor Natasha Lyonne and director Jamie Babbit simultaneously achieved cult status with the wickedly hilarious queer classic But I’m A Cheerleader (1999). While Lyonne had been acting since childhood and played the lead in Tamara Jenkins’… Continue Reading

The Binge Interview: Lily Tomlin and Paul Weitz on “Grandma,” Feminism, and the Future of “Web Therapy”

When considering her nearly 50-year career, it feels trite but accurate to say Lily Tomlin has done it all. Since first emerging in the New York comedy scene of the late ’60s and becoming a star on the revolutionary Rowan & Martin’s… Continue Reading

The Binge Interview: Parker Posey on “Irrational Man,” Woody Allen’s Quirks, and the Legacy of Busy Bee

Let me begin by apologizing for the many ways this interview will fail to fully capture the experience of sitting down with Parker Posey. If ever there was an actor whose distinctive physical essence cannot be conveyed in print, it’s her. Reading… Continue Reading

The Binge Interview: Sean Baker on “Tangerine,” Beyoncé Complexes, and Trans Criticism

There are several reasons why director Sean Baker’s Sundance smash Tangerine has become one of the buzziest movies of the summer. For one, there’s the fact that it was filmed entirely with the iPhone 5S (thankfully not in portrait mode) yet looks like a million bucks,… Continue Reading

The Binge Interview: Patricia Clarkson on “Last Weekend”

In the years that have followed her breakout role as a drug-addicted German ex-model in Lisa Cholodenko’s High Art (1998) and her star-making, Oscar-nominated turn as a cancer-afflicted mother in Pieces of April (2003), Patricia Clarkson—now 54—has gradually become a genre unto herself.… Continue Reading