The Binge Interview: Lorene Scafaria and Susan Sarandon on “The Meddler”, Bad Press, and the Power of Beyoncé

There are surface aspects of writer/director Lorene Scafaria‘s superb new comedy The Meddler that almost dare you to underestimate it. The name, for one, is admittedly adorable. Then you watch the trailer and see what appears to be a sitcom-ready scenario: Lori… Continue Reading

The Binge Interview: Sally Field and Michael Showalter on “Hello, My Name Is Doris,” Sexist Ageism, and Little Edie Beale

When you’ve been in the game as long—and as famously—as two-time Oscar winner Sally Field, it’s rare to find a role so unique and unexpected that it reveals you to audiences in an entirely new light. But that’s just what Field, who turns… Continue Reading

The Binge Interview: Dana Fox on “How to Be Single,” Rom-Com Sexism, and Voting with Your Dollars

Boasting such screenplay credits as The Wedding Date, What Happens in Vegas, and Couples Retreat (which she also produced), Dana Fox is among the reigning behind-the-scenes studio comedy queens. Whereas many female filmmakers understandably go the independent cinema route to bypass Hollywood’s entrenched sexism, the… Continue Reading

The Binge Podcast: Julianne Moore/Ellen Page Interview + Reviews

So hey, I’m starting a podcast! Despite being comically late to the party on this medium—and not being a podcast listener myself—I decided to take on this new adventure when my dear friend and fellow Ohio transplant Rebecca Olarte pitched me on it, with… Continue Reading

The Binge Interview: Patricia Clarkson on “Last Weekend”

In the years that have followed her breakout role as a drug-addicted German ex-model in Lisa Cholodenko’s High Art (1998) and her star-making, Oscar-nominated turn as a cancer-afflicted mother in Pieces of April (2003), Patricia Clarkson—now 54—has gradually become a genre unto herself.… Continue Reading

The Binge Interview: Sharni Vinson, Adam Wingard & Simon Barrett on “You’re Next”

Only the most grizzled horror movie buffs will be unshaken by the relentlessly pummeling brutality of You’re Next, the home-invasion sensation finally taking its theatrical bow this week after a nearly two-year festival tour dating back to the 2011 Toronto… Continue Reading

The Binge Interview: Merry Clayton, Tata Vega & Morgan Neville on “20 Feet From Stardom”

The concept behind director Morgan Neville’s shamelessly enjoyable documentary 20 Feet From Stardom, which opens in San Francisco today, is precisely the kind of idea that makes you slap yourself on the forehead for not thinking of it first: instead… Continue Reading