Spend an Hour with Connie Britton, Elisabeth Moss, and Kerry Washington (Video)

If you’re anything like me, great actresses make your world go around and there’s nothing more exciting than seeing a bunch of them come together at the same time. Well then, hallelujah for The Hollywood Reporter, because they’ve released the full-length video of their recent TV drama actresses roundtable. It features three actresses whose shows I watch and love—Connie Britton of Nashville, Elisabeth Moss of Mad Men, Anna Gunn of Breaking Bad—and three actresses whom I enjoy despite not watching their shows—Kerry Washington of Scandal, Monica Potter of Parenthood, and Kata Mara of House of Cards. I just realized that the last time Britton and Mara were in a room together, it was probably when Mara was trying to kill her on American Horror Story. Sisterhood!

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